Friday, April 3, 2009

Opening Sequence with music and audio

This week I made some changes to the opening sequence of my project. The clips from the Matrix were not working as well as I had originally expected, so I cut it down to about 8 seconds of the binary code pouring down the screen. I then imported some still images of computer related things into Animoto and made a little "slideshow" which I placed after the Matrix video. The rest of the video is the same as last time, give or take a couple of seconds edited here and there in order to accommodate for timing.

The major changes for this assignment were the new title and the addition of music. I changed the plain title to a layer on top of a video clip of the craft robo in action. The music is called "Whiskey Breath" and was downloaded from I think it adds the upbeat feeling that I was hoping for...without being cheesy. I enjoyed editing the audio and video in Premiere Elements because I was able to edit the narration and the soundtrack separately while simultaneously viewing my video to check for timing. This was a huge help because it was so much easier than playing mathematician and editing audio separately in a program like Goldwave or Audacity AND THEN bringing it into the video editing program in hopes that it all works out.

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